Finally we have fish and corals! 12/19/13

After weeks of bad weather and even worse luck, our saltwater shipment has finally arrived—and it’s the biggest that we’ve had all year. We received a large assortment of fish, corals and inverts alike. In the fish department we have the standard bunch: coral beauties, copperbanded butterflies, flame angels, and yellow tangs. We also have a few other stand outs that aren’t always available. For example, we just tanked three big-eye squirrel fish, longnose butterflies, and a pinktail trigger. Anyone looking to stock a fish-only set-up should visit us as soon as possible. We received a beautiful and vibrant lime-green tonga wrasse that would be a stand-out in any tank.
In terms of coral, we are fully stocked! We had a great assortment arrive, including drop-dead gorgeous elegance corals. We have a few now, but due to their size and color they are sure to go quickly. In addition to the elegance corals, we also have green gonioporas, a variety of open brains, metallic green mushrooms and much, much more!
Finally, our invert order arrived this morning. We have both short-spined urchins and emerald crabs back in stock. Red leg hermits also arrived, and we also have a few specials going on at the moment. Our astrea snails are currently 2 for $1, and our decorator arrow crabs are only $6. These little guys are covered with orange sponges and look great!
Stop on by and take a look, you can also visit us on the web at for a complete listing. Get your tank ready for the holiday and find yourself a new addition!

REAL big order

Coral tanks were full ::thumbsup::

Got a couple of acro frags today, nice stuff. Still saw 1 elegance left. Big guy and under $50! Don’t think it will last through the weekend.