First Build Ever - 55g Reef

"Also just finished putting together a very cheap ($25) but pretty quality light “fixture” IMO. "

Is this a type O, or did you really mean $25?

that light was probably at 50-60% power too. Its hanging about 4-4.5 inches above the water.

I probably used the word fixture wrong there…the lighting itself was purchased from reefbreaders (value bridgelux - $179) I was referring to the T structure I built to hold the light(s) (second one is coming soon).

got a couple better pics today and first sign of life hitchhiking from A’s tank…

Nice pics Bryan. Only one star?

there was two yesterday. one of the crawled down by the edge of my rocks last night and can’t seem to find him now. the one in the pic is just cruising along my glass. can’t believe there is much food for him yet.

Any spots of algae growing yet?

Hello everyone! Had some account issues for the past month or so but now they are fixed. Gonna try to update how my tank is going…

Around dec 19th or so my tank had completed its cycle but I had to go out of town for 2 weeks and couldn’t do anything with it verdict_in

When I got back this week I did the tests and all read 0 along with a pH of 8-8.2 range. PBJ! So I went the next day to get some fish. Ended up starting with these two guys

Anyways so now I’m looking at what to get in a week or so, LFS suggested getting another fish in there so the clowns don’t think they run the joint.

Also, I saw an add on craigslists for some corals/frags (could be a poster on this forum i guess) close to where I live . Anyone think it would be bad for me to add a green star polyp and some green zoas??? Want to get some color into my tank.

oh also, no signs of algae growth yet. Maybe now that I got the fish and some food in there they will show up.

There is nothing wrong with adding GSP (Green Star Ployps) or zoas at this time. I would caution you though, if you choose GSP, isolate it on a rock away from everything else. It grows very easily and very quickly and can quickly becaome a nuisance.

Glad we were able to get your account activation squared away.

BTW - nice looking clowns.

Looking good! nice pair of clowns ::thumbsup:: are they eating like pigs yet?

I’d say you can def add some softies!

and I can give you some GSP… lmk

Thanks cdangel and saltcreep.

Yeah, they ate like pigs as soon as the food went in. Took them a little while to leave one corner of the tank but they are all over the place now.

[quote=“Cdangel0, post:29, topic:6040”]
I would caution you though, if you choose GSP, isolate it on a rock away from everything else. It grows very easily and very quickly and can quickly becaome a nuisance.[/quote]

By looking at my FTS where would you suggest? Off on the right side structure maybe? And are they easy enough to remove. Also my second light is on the way.

Tank is lookin good. YahoO

place the GSP all the way to the right and away from touching any other rocks.

Good Luck!!!

Great advice from craig… gsp… anywhere really… just keep it away from any rocks you don’t want covered. growing up the back glass, on an isolated rock, even on the sand bed. But its tough to get off rocks, and it can grow with a vengence smothering coral along the way… looks cool though.
People warned me plenty when i was a noob, i ignored them thinking wow, i want coral growing outta control…
wish i listened verdict_in

hmmm sounds like I should pass on them. My tank isn’t that big and not many of the rocks are isolated. I could always wait and add them later I guess and use the space I want for other ones I want.

Bryan I am the craigs list poster! I do keep my gsp on the sand for that reason. Tank looks really nice so far.

Nice pick up on the clowns Bryan. If you want to try some zoos or other softies, just stop by I can maybe afford to let go couple starter ployp for you if you like, even GSP!

alright everyone, need some advice again, trying to research what fish to get next.

LFS opened me back up to the idea of getting a hippo tang (from what I’ve read my tank is on the small end but people have done it) and my fiance really likes them.

The other fish I have my eye on is the flame angel. Also on the fence about him. Seems they could go one way or the other on how they live with corals and I my main focus is corals in this tank, really only want to have 5 fish or so.

The last fish I am considering is a mimic yellow tank, just saw them for the first time last week at Delaware P Aquatics.

What would you guys suggest? Looking to learn from what everyone did and what they wish they would have done. :BEER

Before buying any fish I check the web to make sure it is “Reef Safe”. I had a flame angel when I first started my tank and always wondered why my corals had no polyp extension. Got rid of the flame angel and all polyps opened up, there are plenty of nice reef safe fish out there. With a limit of 5 fish for your tank, I would be real patient and have a good look at a number of reef safe fish before I buy. Just my :TWOCENTS

+1 with houndsbayman. Especially your main focus is corals. Most fish do look nice and cool, a lot of them do nip on corals. Also, think about compatibility.