FISH BOWL - on it's way to being # 1 in delaware..!!

That’s right ! - This week Bj began shopping at a new wholesaler …located in Reading Pa …
Unique Reef imports- is a state of the art facility that brings west coast quality and selection of marine fishes ,corals ind invertebrates to the east coast …Unique Reef Imports brings in their shipments directly to the east coast instead of using transhippers in california…
That means the Fish bowl will have first pic of rare and exciting species of marine fauna seldom seen outside california !!!
As reported by BJ himself who visited the facility this week - "fish are extrememly healthy and well cared for "

Stop by and ask BJ about special orders & rare requests from this new one of a kind facility !!

Also The store will soon be using an up to date R/O system for making its water !!!

These new developments are just the beginning- in the quest to make THE FISH BOWL your # 1 destination for marine and reef in the state of delaware !!

dam ron… i thought we already WERE #1 in DE! lmao!

seriously, this guys fish were AWESOME! the facility was fantastic, and super clean. frendliest, most helpful pair of owners. more experience in the idustry than i can say. (one of them invented the poly bio marine poly filters!) great guys, and im excited to see how the place fills up as things progress.

I believe those guys brought in a new shipment from Irian Jaya last week…

whatcha got, bj?