Fish Decisions...

Few questions that I was wondering about…

With my new tank I have the opportunity to either bring my pair of clowns over to a new beautiful tank, or to start fresh with some new fish… I would most likely still stick with clowns as my main two fish, but my question is about type… I have seen and heard that if you add two clowns at the same time when they are young, chances are they will get along… I have seen this with one black and one orange ocellaris. This seemed rather cool to me…

So… the questions: What are the opinions on doing this w/ these two clowns at a young age, and second being since they are of the same species from what I can see, would they possibly be able to spawn over time if they create the typical pair of clowns? (cause that would be kinda interesting to me!) and… in all reality this has probably already been done so that’s why i figured I would ask all of you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!!

Adding them while they are yound and similar in size would increase your chances of them getting along. Adding a black and an orange would also increase the likely hood as they don’t look the same to each other so they do not perceive the other to be encroaching on their space or competing for food.

As far as mating I have no idea. Would be cool though.

  1. If you get them young enough and get the smallest ones in the tanks, you should have no problems. They should both be males when they go in and once they figure out who is the dominant one it will change to a female.

  2. If they do indeed turn into a mated pair then yes, they should be able to spawn just fine. Many clowns can actually spawn with other species, such as percula and osc. spawning or pink skunks spawning with orange skunks. If they are the same species you should have no problems at all. Just remember it might take a few (up to 5 or 6) years for them to grow to a size that they will actually start to lay eggs.

O i know it will take a long time for spawning I have a pair right now that has shown signs but I feel will still take some more time, but this is more for the future :slight_smile: B/c This tank is perfect for the type of housing I will be living in for the next 5 years (dorms and apartments lol) as I work on my grad school after this year so I would like to keep this tank w/ two guys and hopefully see them get along at first, become mated, then spawn :slight_smile: It would be cool so we shall see!

Still this is just a possibility so we will see how things go :slight_smile:

Thank you for the ideas so far and keep them coming :slight_smile: