fish for sale or going to lfs

i have the following for sale first 10 takes him. about size of hand. details below with pic first pic from pet store ad second pic in my salt tank.

Mono argentus is a silver, disc shaped fish with a yellow dorsal fin and a black border on the anal fin. The silver is broken by a dark vertical bar that passes through the eye. Young fish will also sometimes have a dark vertical bar that connects to the black markings on the anal fin.

This fish primarily inhabits estuaries and mangroves and sometimes enters marine environments. Though it occasionally enters fresh water for very brief periods, it is not a freshwater fish, and will not survive if kept in fresh water for any extended length of time. Thus, it is important that some salt is added to the water.

Mono argentus are schooling fish that should be kept in groups of at least four fish. Due to their tall profile it is important that the tank is tall enough to allow adult fish to swim comfortably.

Mono argentus are also sensitive to poor water conditions and cool temperatures. It is particularly important to maintain a steady water temperature within the recommended range and to perform regular water changes. These fish will accept a diet of flakes, pellets, and meaty frozen foods.



large fish that is good for fowlr. just cleaning out 55 gallon now that eel went carpet surfing i can get different livestock . will let him go for $5 if anyone wants him.