Fish--Preorder SPECIALS--Deadline This Sunday

We have a shipment of fish coming from our regular supplier in Hawaii. We are offering some preorder specials on some rare and unusual fish. You may preorder these fish and we bring them in with the rest of our shipment, acclimate them to our system as usual, and then ship to you the following week. You may order by calling us toll-free 877-887-5224, you will need to pay with a credit card to do the preorder, but your card will not be charged until we ship. ORDER DEADLINE: This Sunday, August 30

Hawaiian Bandit Angel, Holacanthus arcuatus, $300
Christmas Island Mated pairs Flame Angels, $129/pr.
Christmas Island Adult Emperor Angel, Md. $300 Lg. $350
Christmas Island Mated pairs Lemonpeel Angels, $89/pr.
Hawaiian Mated pairs Potter’s Angels, $129/pr.
Christmas Island Griffis Angel, Apolemithys griffisi, $250
Australian Male Personifer Angel, $325 Female, $240
Australian Scribbled Angel, Male $325, female $240
Christmas Island Black Tangs, Zebrasoma rostratum, $325
Marsh. Is Golden Fairy Wrasse-Rhomboid, male $150 female, $140
Australian Copperband Butterfly, Lg. $120
Hawaiian Flame Wrasse Pair, $190/pr.
Australian Harlequin Tusk, $160
Australian Labouti Fairy Wrasse, Sm. $150
Australian Super Male Lineatus Fairy Wrasse, $225
Christmas Island Goldenback Trigger XLg $400
Christmas Island Golden Puffer $225
Christmas Island Delclevis Butterflies, $175
Christmas Island Bartlett’s Anthias, $29 each, 4 or more $25 ea.