Fish Tanks - Free

We are officially moving…The 40 breeder and stand has been spoken for.

I have a 20 Long and stand and my 120 (60x18x26) with stand that are free. I’d rather give them away than have trashed. The 120 is drilled for a beananimal overflow, just needs a sump and new drain plumbing (bulkheads are in place) with a coast to coast overflow.

Can help move out, but they are free with the stands.

Hey, Id be interested in the 120 if its not already spoken for. please let me know, thanks

interested in the 120 stand

Gone. Interesting no one wanted the tank and stand for $400, but put it for free and everyone in the free world wants my 120.

Only tank I have left is a 10 gallon with an LED light hood (aside from the biocube).

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