For Sale/For Trade: Jason Fox Purple Addiction Chalice Frags

I have two 1/2-3/4" frags of one of my favorite JF chalices. The Purple Addiction sports an awesome purple color with yellow to yellow/green eyes. I’ve had the main piece for a few months now. I wouldn’t have fragged it, but I’m looking for some cash or some nice Acros for trade.

Here’s a horrible pic from the iphone but it might give you an idea of what I’m working with.

If there’s any interest, please PM.
Any basic questions, feel free to just post here.

Thanks DRC,

What type of acros are you looking for?

[quote=“reefman66, post:2, topic:5358”]
What type of acros are you looking for?[/quote]

I have a lot of cool Acros, but I’m looking for something “flashy”. I have a Blue Tort, Blue Milli, Purple Millie, Stuber Staghorn, Purple Bonsai, ORA Borealis, ORA Hawkins Blue, ORA Plum Crazy.

So basically I’m taking offers. If you have some different stuff, lets talk and se what we can come up with.

That goes for all.

If anyone would like to speak over the phone PM me for #.

Thanks for the interest,

Here’s a pic of Jason Fox’s chalice that my pieces came from,

Here’s a picture of one of my frags./ Sorry for the quality.