For Sale / For Trade - Reefkeeper Lite

Hey all, I have an older (but basically BNIB) Reefkeeper Lite (Basic) that I’m not going to use. Originally, I planned on using it for my 90 gallon and had it hooked up for literally like 3 days and took it back down. There’s nothing wrong with it that I know of and didn’t have any issues with it while it was running for those few days.

I don’t know - I’m an old school reefer and actually prefer to keep it that way.

Comes with the head unit, a PC4 module, the iTemp probe, the coupler for updating the system and the bus cables.

If anyone’s interested, I’m looking for $50 or trade for something reef related. Don’t know what, but let me know what you would be willing to trade.

PM sent.

do you want a pair of designer clownfish, sent you a PM

Still available?

Working a couple deals, if anything falls through, ill update this thread.

Back from the dead. It’'s sitting here, ready to go.

Trade for coral? or equipment? what do you need, I have lots of stuff, and more stuff.

Sure - I’‘ll take trades for corals. Let me know what you have and we can work something out. The only type of corals I don’'t want are chalice. I just kill them.

I’‘m interested in zoas, shrooms, leathers, LPS, SPS… Not real picky but something I don’'t have already.

It’'s ready to go whenever you want.

Would you like 1 big acro or a few frags. I’'ll send a pm of what I have available right now.