For Sale

I am considering selling my 39g Cadlights system. It is a Great system as Ellen will tell you, and I wish I had a place to set it up, but as of now looks like I will be moving back home for a few months and will have no where to put it. This post is mainly for interest. Does anyone feel like they might be interested? If so let me know, and I will get to you with any picture you could imagine of the system, and a range of what I am looking to get for it. Livestock can be considered as well, but like I said, if there is interest, let me know!

Thanks guys,

Which one did you get?? signature or pro series?

I believe it is the signature series, it is not drilled it has a back filtration system. Ellen would know better than I, but I think it is the signature series (w/o a drilled overflow).

Thats the signature series if it has the in tank filtration

The it is the signature series. :slight_smile:

If anyone has interest, let me know by early this week. Either way I will most likely be getting it ready to take to PA to be on consignment. If you contact me before that and you have interest we can work something out b/c I don’t lose 20% lol :stuck_out_tongue:

pm sent

If anyone is interested, Lindsay and I moved it over to DPA on Friday, so go take a look, its a beauty :slight_smile:

Sold :slight_smile: Thanks Bill!

Two Bits says Bill fills his nice new(used) tank up with CLAMS!

:-)lol >LOL<


Well there will be clams in there too…