Frag Donation for raffle

I will be brining a few frags for the raffle with me. If the club wants them. I will be leaving my house @ 2:30, so please get back to me by then.

Red cap coral…large

green cap coral…large

setosa frag

John - that is very generous of you. I’m sure your frags in the raffle will attract a lot of attention!!

Thank you.

ok Craig see you there.

The pieces are the frags that I have listed on the site with pics

I will donate some frags next month just reminds me.


Those were real nice frag you donated for the raffle, John. thanks for everyone!

Your welcome, anytime the club needs some frags for the raffle, I don’t mind. It is a great way to raise funds for the club and allow members to win some frags.

when i can get to a meeting i will be bringing a frag or two. No it wont be my sea cabbage i promise.