Frags and such for sale

All these frags were grown out in my tank. I can meet in Dover for the peeps that live up North.
Red Robin acro…sm $30 Lge $50 SOLD
Candelabra Acro…Sm $30 Lge $40
JF Jack-o-lantern…Sm $45 Med…$60,Lge $75 …Colony $150
3 Red Mushrooms…$15
Orange digi…$50
Blueberry Fields Zoas…Sm $15…Med $25 …LGE $50
Watermellon Zoas…Sm $15…Lge…$30
Mint Green Monti…

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I would like the large Red Robin acro.

Ok it’s yours. I am only leaving the frags up for sale for 1 week, so if anytime next weekend is ok to meet up, let me know what time is good for you and where.
Thanks Mike

Where are you located?

I live in Salisbury MD

Houndsbayman how are you doing? Was wondering if you have any of the Red Robin acro you were selling awhile back. If so I’m interested in buying a frag or a larger piece. If your going to the PEA tour we could do the swap there. Let me know. Take care.

Hi Mike, I saved the large Red Robin acro for you, and I will bring it to PEA.
I was thinking of posting pics of frags I have for sale and either having members stop by my house or just bringing them to PEA. The prices will be lower because I won’t have to drive up north to deliver.

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Sounds good . I may see something else you post I may like. See ya at PEA

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Houndsbayman. When do you think you will be posting new pictures?

Should be ready by the end of this week

Hey buddy any new frags for sale? Will you have the red robin frag? Lg frag $50?

Sorry Mike been real busy lately, I have the large red robin for you and since you are going to be down here let’s make it $40.
I made up some other frags and will be posting them this morning. Cya at PEA on Saturday.

Thanks. See ya there

Here are pics of what I have for sale. FYI I live under 15 mins from PEA on the west side of Salisbury and anyone that would like to stop over to see my tank is welcome to do so.
Red Robin acro…$25

Purple Milka Stylo $30

Orange Setosa $20

Orange Digitta $10 $20 $30
Purple/green acro $15

Can make any size of these zoas, have some already on frag plug $20


Purple candy cane $15/head can cut 1-2 heads

Sunset Monti $15
Eagle Eye zoas I have a frag of this with 10 polyps $20

Candelabra acro colonies $80

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Hey Mike, hope your feeling better, Are you satisfied with the red robin frag?

Yes, thank you very much for waiting so long.

your welcome

both red robin frags, orange digi frags and one purple/green acro frag are sold