Frags/colonies tear drop maxima clam for sale - SPS, LPS, LE Zoos, Xenia

i figured i would start a new thread since this was buried in another thread. im also going to get rid of a couple nice colonies/large frags and some LE stuff. im breaking down a tank and decided instead of playing musical corals ill just get rid of some things. getting rid of the clam is going to break my heart but id rather sell it than lose it while moving tanks. here is the new stuff.

very large pyshedelic colored brain coral(must see!!)
10-15 polyp whammin watermelon zoo frag
10ish polyp radioactive dragon eye zoo frag
large(3-5") red sea pulsing xenia(pom pom)
7-9 polyp prism frag(for some reason this guy isnt doing well for me, its an expensive fairly rare piece that ill let go cheap because of its condition. its not dying or anything like that, just doesnt inflate fully like it should. i think its the lack of nutrients in my tank)

lastly, for the clam freaks, i think im going to part with my large tear drop maxima. i recently posted pics in moliken’s clam thread. the only problem is its firmly attached to a very large(10# or more) fiji rock so it goes with the clam. the rock is not a turd. awesome shape and fully covered in corraline so please take that into consideration when making offers.

ill try to get pics up if there is interest. i can bring corals to the BBQ or make arrangements to pick up before then. im not looking to make a killing so just pm me a reasonable offer if interested. also, please dont make an offer unless your ready to buy. its kind of getting old.

ian- havent forgot about you, ill try to get pics up of the pink zoo for you guys asap

i also have a couple frags ready to go including a huge tricolor valida plus one regular size, a couple of encrusted green caps, two really nice purple lokani(identical to 30,000 leagues lokani) that are starting to encrust, a small piece of salmon cap that is starting to encrust, and some some really bright pink zoos. if anyone is interested post or pm me for price and pics.

edit - i also have a small piece of orange/blue rim plating cap available. its more brown/orange under my 14K but might look more orange under a different spectrum or T5.

pics would be awesome!!!

Here is the clam post

Shawn, I might be interested in the prizm frag, can you PM me an idea of price range/size.

dito that

PM sent.

All PMs sent.

watermelons sold
pink torch sold
1 green cap sold, 2 left
valida not available due to user error and general stupidity

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:7, topic:2036”]
pink torch sold[/quote]

Damn!!! I didn’t even see the torch was available!!!

Do you have a pic of the brain?

I got the torch Craig. Hopefully it will grow out and I can offer frags in a few months. The brain is a nice coral. Those pics don’t offer the true rainbow colors in person. I would have gotten it if I hadn’t just purchased a purple/green 1 last week from DPA.

ill take the yasha!!! $5.99?

lol pic of dragon eyes?

i think the dragon eyes are pending sale. if i dont get a confirmation soon ill post and let you know. im hoping to get pics up of everything else shortly as well as an updated list of whats left.

5-6" teardrop maxima - pending sale to bill
pink torch - sold
whammin watermelon zoos - sold
pom pom xenia - sold
radioactive dragon eyes - pending sale to andrewk
muti color brain - pending sale to craig
pink zoa(probably paly) frag - pending sale to andrewk
prism/dragon soul favia
tri color valida
blue rim orange cap
green cap - 2 left
30,000 leagues lokani clone - 2 left
small salmon colored cap

teardrop maxima with rock(unless you get it off!)

pink zoas

salmon cap

lokani frags

lokani colony(for reference, not for sale)

prism/dragon soul favia

lot of pms about this guy. its 9 heads and roughly 3" X 4". this coral was in my 75g that ive been having ongoing intermittant issues with. recently the corals in the 75g have started to look rough so i put them in my 34g SPS to recover. with all the problems ive had with my 75g ive decided to tear it down and start over. thing are getting very crowded so ive decided to sell some things rather than chance losing them. the favia looks rough as you can see, for some reason its the only piece that hasnt perked up in the 34g. im selling it because im worried it wont come around in the 34g and i might lose it. its the only reason im selling it so cheap. this coral normally goes for between $20/$40 a head. id like to get $75 but will take best offers. im more concerned about giving this coral a chance to recover than making a killing from it. if it starts to show signs of adapting to the lower nutrient tank i plan to keep it.

any more questions pleas pm me.

[glow=red,2,300]PM TO YA!!![/glow]

clam is sold, list is updated.

if anyone is intersted, i can throw together a nice little SPS pack for $50. The valida will have to be a fresh cut because the two huge encrusted frags i had are faded after putting them in the new frag tank prematurely.

1 X Purple Lokani
1 X Green Cap
1 X Salmon Cap
1 X Tri-color Valida

only $12 a frag and a nice variety of shape and color. i really need to make room for the tank breakdown, ive got frags coming out me ears ;D

PM sent

Hey , i’ll buy the purple lokani. I know we didnt connect last time on the valida. was that your valida frag i bought at DPA last week. Its doing nice. they had a big one there from some local. I liked it;.

Quick update

5-6" teardrop maxima - sold
pink torch - sold
whammin watermelon zoos - sold
pom pom xenia - sold
radioactive dragon eyes - pending pick 9/2 andrewk
muti color brain - pending sale to craig
pink zoa(probably paly) frag - pending pickup 9/2 andrewk
prism/dragon soul favia - reduced to sale $50($200 coral, please read decription in ealier thread)
green cap - 1 left - pending sale addictedtoreefin
30,000 leagues lokani clone - 1 left - pending sale to the captain
small salmon colored cap

still a few things left. i really need to make some room because of my tank breakdown and my new frag tank not being ready. im practically giving this stuff away.

ken - that tri color valida wasnt mine but i wouldnt be surprised if it came from my colony. i sold quite a few frags of it. it went from being probably my least favorite when i got it to one of my favorites now. the colors on the coral are amazing(no more brown) and the growth is insane. i literally got 2" of growth in the last month from this guy. if i didnt have the pics i wouldnt believe it myself. pm sent regarding lokani.

craig - pm sent

jon - pm sent

bill - get some pics up of the teardrop once it settles. i really want to see how its doing.

sorry we didnt catch up today, are u availible tommorow before 12? if not friday after 5?

oh, it was the lokani. Now I remember. I will still buy it. see you at the barbecue?