Frags & Derasa for sale.

I have some frags I would like to sell.

4"+ ORA Derasa I bought from DPA group buy awhile back. Was never a fan of the color so first $50 takes it.

Anthelia polyps I will break off rock they are mounted to. Fast growers do very well in moderate to high lighting and moderate flow. These will add great flowing look to the tank. they usually run around $30+ for 5+ polyps which is how mine started.
Clove polyp colony on 6x6" rock top completely covered - make offer

Armor of God Palythoas good growth, like moderate lighting/flow though for me they do better under t5’s up mid to high height, with 250w mh they will need to be lower. I will try and break the rock so no need for gluing.

3x ORA Orange cap 4"+ $15ea.

Devils hand frags range in size1"+ $5 I also have mother sized colonies available.

Superman Mushrooms $5 ea.

Saprano Palythoas ? Do better under t5 lighting. Under t5’s the heads will be a very bright gold and under 250w mh will dull them a bit. Frag has 8polyps healed on rock.

Green sinularia 1 stalk $15 prefers t5 lighting to make the greens really pop brightly. low/medium lighting and flow

I broke up the rock the Saprano palys were on so 2 pieces are offered 8/12+polyps $35/50
the AOG palys 2/5/7/10polyps $10/20/25/35

If price does not seem fair shoot me a offer. I did not have many sources to check pricing but everything I found I priced at least or around half.



Open to offers. Anthelia is growing pretty rapid (also have a frag size available) in my tank and I need to get rid of some devils hand I have to many babies growing up.