Frags for sale Sept 4 meeting

I just setup my frag tank again. Here is what I am bringing to the Sept. 4th meeting
watermellon zoas upper 20 lower 25

2 small acan polyps 20 SOLD

eagle eye zoas ? 20

small JF Jacko 15

2 red mushrooms 10

blueberry fields zoas 20

everlasting gobstoppers 20 SOLD

watermellon zoas&red shrooms

large JF Jacko 30

superman monti 20

JF enchanted forest birdnest 25

orange digitta 15 SOLD

JF outer space psammocora 15

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Looking good!!
Id take those Acans if not spoken for.

This aren’t the bubble gum pink one are they? You need to bring me some of those beauties…

ok thanks. no not the pink ones. You will be the first one to get them

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