Frags for Sale

I have these frags ready to go. All mounted and pest free. I can ship via FedEx. All frags will be double bagged and placed in a insulated container with heat pack if needed. Shipping extra.
5 Orange digi…$20 1 large piece…$25
1 brown digi/purple tips…$20
3 purple stlophora…$20
3 green stlophora…$20
2 green flourescent cap…$25
3 tri color zoo pcs…$2 per polyp
1 multi branch slimer…$25
3 pink zoos pcs…$2 per polyp
3 mint green encrusting montipora…$20
red mushrooms…2 for $6
green mushrooms that get large…$5

Pink and Tri color zoos

Orange digi Brown digi w/ purple tips …upper right side

Green stylo

Purple stylo

Green caps

Green Slimer

Mint Green Encrusting montipora

What is in the last pic labeled 2?

That is the Mint Green encrusting monti, really looks much better than the pic portrays.
Thanks Ian, I forgot to label pics.

I call dibs on the Green Slimer - but I’d like to see if we can combine shipping with a few members to make it easier on everyone.

The green Slimer is saved for you. And no problem with group buy to save on shipping.

Craig you stink! Next time you have a green slimmer ready shoot me a pm? Please?

if we do a group buy ill deff be in for something. whats shipping?

Gordy, I can make only one more frag from the green slimer, and it is yours. As far as shipping goes, I won’t know for sure of the price because it depends on total weight. I did a check on FedEx site for a 4lb. box and it is @ $30.00 over night to Dover.

Got a call this afternoon from a friend that is getting out of the hobby. He asked me to see if I could sell some stuff for him. I have a very large toadstool and a large finger leather for sale. $20 each. And he also has dry Figi base rock for $2 a lb.Will post pics of corals tomorrow.

Would like to buy both leathers. Sending you a PM with question.


Here are the two leather corals. Gordy, they are yours if you still want them and the toadstool is probally at least 6" across, but in the pic it isn’t fully open. You can kind of see just how big it is because it is laying across eggcrate.

I’ll take a green cap and a green montipora.

Is that the toadstols base up the top left of the photo? Do all of it’s polyps extend? (replied to your PM)

Yes. It is attached to the rock up there. It is lying on it’s side because my frag tank is nothing more than a swallow tray. and yes all the polyps do extend. I took this pic this morning just after the light came on.

The pic of the green monti is of the mother colony. I can make 4 nice size frags of this coral, but will do so only after they are ordered.
Ellen have you down for the green cup and the green encrusting monti.


Green caps…sold…Ento and Shawn
Green slimer…sold…Cdangelo, Gordy and Shawn
Purple stylo… 2 left…Shawn
Encrusting green monti…3 left…Ento


Shawn has already picked up his frags from me. That leaves just Ento, CDangelo and Gord wanting to purchase frags. Gord had pmed me and said he is going to Lewes on Saturday and maybe we can work out a time to meet, So maybe everyone could talk to Gord about picking up thier items. If there is no more interest in these frags by the weekend, I am going to post them on RC.

I will be down their Sunday(not Saturday) and will be able to pick up the frags at 1pm.

Ok that sounds good to me. Just let me know where we can meet up or if you want to come to my house, PM me and I will give you directions and Tel #.

Well I am going to meet Jon on Sunday.

The finger leather is back up for sale…$20
it is really a nice size for the money.