Frags FS

I have the following frags for sale, I can bring them to the meeting tomorrow:

All frags will be loose and are $15 each.

Green Tipped Orange Birdsnest
Purple Polyp Birdsnest
Hollywood Stunner Chalice

I can’t get the pictures to post, so if you want to see pics of anything let me know or send me a PM.


Are you getting an error with the picture?

Yea. Something about exceeding the limit or something. I was only attaching 3 pictures.

I’ve had that problem. There’s an upload limit but it does something strange. Files that were within the limit stay in the post and don’t show up. Look in the attachments list and make sure there isn’t a pic or two sitting there.

Total of upload has to be 10MB or less
if the pics are on your phone try taptalk

Let’s try this again:

Green Tipped orange Birdsnest - 1st pic
Purple Polyp Birdsnest- 2nd pic

Hollywood stunner Chalice

That chalice is awesome! I’ve only ever seen nickel sized pieces of chalices. Who knew they grew into such awesome looking corals!?