Frazer Zoo Visit

Well, since I have been hearing about this place i decided to take the drive. First off the place was rather hard to find. Getting there was easy, but finding exactly where it was, was rather diffucult due to the fact there was no sign on the shopping center store listings, that i seen, and the sign on the storefront was face opposite of the road. Upon entering the store, I was suprised by how small the place was, but small isnt always bad. I browsed the dry goods, and most were rather expensive. But I didnt go there for drygoods. In the fishroom, the fish stock was pretty weak, there was only a few clowns. I did pick up a nice Grade B piccaso for 59. The picasso Is a Grade A on one side but a Grade B on the other side. Im gonna teach him to swim in only one direction so i only see the good side :D. Anyways freshwater was also meager, but corals were BANGIN! they had a quite of bit selection, and great prices. lots of sps, and some pretty chalices at great prices. zoos were also good, he had some nuc greens for pretty cheap. I ended up getting a nice yellow monti confusia, but had my eye on a sunset millepora. there were like 1-2 in frags for 25 and 2-3 multi branch frags for 39. For all u clammers, there was a 18" atleast yellow clam. I think it was a gigas due to size, but could have been a squamosa or deresa, IDK. 400 bucks for the monster but it was well worth it. Acan enthuisiasts there were great pieces for great prices. I seen a nice 80+ head monster for only 400. For herps, the selection was good aswell. There was a nice display vivarium that inspired me to take my vivarium to the next level. If you want corals, go to the frazer zoo, probably has the best local selection of corals. Sps corals definitely.


Bottom line…

You had a fragging good time! It still sounds like a good place to go and worth the drive. I think many of our fellow forum-mongers do agree. although, i hate to admit it, i still haven’t invested the gas and time to drive up there. but hope springs eternal.

I will go , one day.