Free almost full bag of southdown about 40#

I just opened a bag of rare southdown today for my new tank. I only used about 10-15#. Its free to the first person that comes and gets it. Half is wet in a bucket, the other half is still brand new in bag. Bring a bucket.

Dont worry Craig, its not your bag:)

Oh, and i need it gone tonight. If i have to go thorugh the trobule of drying it out ill just keep it! >LOL<


I can come get it tonight after PA if it is cool with you.



Andy, just give me a call ahead of time so im sure im home. Ill PM you my cell#

ok i am no newbie but i have too ask
. what is southdown ? explain PLEASE

Al - Did glen not go through the sacred cermony when he was accepted into the DRC? How can he not know about the holiest of all reef artifacts?

Its sand Glen! lOl

when you type sand it is 4 key strokes and easier than southdown that contains 9 keystrokes. so ok next time could you just type sand…lol ok well i learnin i may even gradu>ate soon :-)lol

But its not just any sand

[quote=“logans_daddy, post:6, topic:824”]
the holiest of all reef artifacts[/quote]
It’s special.


if i just put sand no one would want. southdown is kind of the holy grail for reefers. i should thank ken for selling me 250lbs of it a couple of years ago…for no profit i should add. i thought i should share the wealth!

Just have to say if ANYONE else has ANY south down they don’t want, even a spoon full, I’ll take it.

What’s Southdown? You really missed out on something huge there.

Southdown does not = just any old sand.

People traveled half way across the US to try to find south down. People spent days on the phone calling every hard ware store on the east coast to find south down.

Picture this, what if there were a skimmer that was selected as the absolutely unanimous best skimmer in the world. The debate was over. Authors, speakers, biologist and chemist all agreed it worked perfectly in every system. It also sold at one tenth of what the other sands sold at and was available everywhere… and then all of a sudden the company decided to stop making them and no one could possibly ever replicate the design. People started hunting down every last one and bidding wars started on e-bay. Southdown would be the equivalent in the sand world.

Just try doing a google search for “southdown sand” and all you will find is posts from 7-8 years ago when it started to get hard to find and you can see the lengths people would go to buy it. Often spending $40-50 shipping, plus three times the original cost of the sand.

I have an unopened bag and what was two bags in bucket I’m holding onto. Always looking for more.

Ive got 200lbs left. Im giving 50lbs to craig and will hold on to the 150 until im absolutely certain that im going barebottom on my FOWLR. If i go BB im guessing the southdown will make great DRC raffle prizes?

Don’t raffle it! There are many that wouldn’t appricate the value. I’ll buy it!

Maybe we could do an auction with the proceeds going to DRC?

I wouldnt sell it. I never like selling stuff to reefers unless its equipment and even then i practically give it away. If we cant find a way to make it benefit the club i will always trade you for frags jon.

One thing to add to Jon’s comments; Imagine everyone looking for it at non aquarium stores and it is very cheap compared to aragonite.

Shawn how about this, DVRC has rules set up where if you sell things at their meetings you have to donate a certain percentage to the club. When I finally get some frags clean up I plan on donating a certain percentage of my frag sales to the club regardless if it is required or not. Had always planned on doing this, but I don’t think I’ve brought a single frag into the meetings in two years.

If you auction it at a meeting you could split the profit with the club.

Al, that was what I meant by it was available everywhere, I was going to go into detail, but figured the post was long enough, lol.

[quote=“Gordonious, post:15, topic:824”]
Shawn how about this, DVRC has rules set up where if you sell things at their meetings you have to donate a certain percentage to the club.

If you auction it at a meeting you could split the profit with the club. [/quote]
Currently there is no such rule that I remember. But donations are always accepted.

I know we don’t have the rule and didn’t ever bring it up as we don’t really have a problem raising funds at this point. Perhaps in the future when we start spending money and are looking for more we could consider it. Not sure if I agree with it being a set rule or not, but I’d always planned on donating a precentage.

I meant donated the entire proceed to the club in lieu of a raffle because of your comment about lack of interest.

Maybe we could look into a silent auction for some of the more high ticket items we acquire. Or we could do differnt tiers of raffles. Maybe a $5 raffle for the good stuff like the rodi unit we have and the gift certificates. We could also ask for larger, nicer quality frags(3-4") to be donated for the raffles. I know i would be willing to purchase at least 1 or 2 $5 raffle tickets for a chance to win a sizeable gift certificate or a really nice sized frag.

what are the benifits of south down???

Cost vs. aragonite sand. It is supposed to be calcium based so all the benefits of aragonite sand with out the sticker price.