Free Halide Light

I have a Maristar hybrid light that just needs new ballasts. It was working just fine when I took it down but wasn’t putting out the PAR I expected that’s why I’m saying it needs new ballasts

It was growing all coral in my tank well but the acroporas wanted more light.

The fixture is 48” long and has two 250 watt bulbs (double ended), flanked by two 48” T-5 bulbs (those ballasts are fine)

The bulbs in it are 20k spectrum and were only burned for 3 months at most for about 9 hours a day

If. You wanted to experiment it is plug and play, but if you want to grow nice acros, i think you will want new ballasts

It has tank mount (still in box)
And ceiling mount capability

Very clean, no rust

Let me know if intetested

Hey man hope all is well! Did anyone grab this from you? I would be interested in messing around with it for my display (soon to be setup or frag tank. Let me know!!

I still have it, it’s yours

Just let me know when you want to come get it

Sweet man and thank you! I will keep you posted on when I can swing by to grab it. What times work best for you? Evenings are usually best for me if that works for you. When do your lights go off :grin:

Evenings are good for me too, it’s not going anywhere so no rush.

Just hit me up we can make something work. Do you still have my number?

Sounds good! If you can get me your number again that would be great. I don’t see it in my phone. Thanks!!

I do not need this light anymore and want to pass it along to anyone who may be interested. Like Donovan said in his post above, it needs a new ballast let me know if you are interested!!!