FS 75g RR with Furniture Quality Stand & Precision Marine Bullet 3 Skimmer

I will be tearing down my 75g soon and will have the tank and stand for sell. I will not sell them seperately. The tank is a standard Perfecto 75g RR with corner overflow and black trim and the back panel painted black. The tank and stand are probably 2-2.5 years old and are in great condition. The glass has 0 scratches and the wood has 0 water damage or any other kind of damage. The stand has never even had a sump in it becuase my plumbing is through the wall. Mostly everyone has seen my tank and can probably vouch for its condition.
Im in no hurry and realistically it probably wont even be available for at least a month or so unless someone really needed it sooner. The stand is almost $600 new. I beleive i paid about $700 new for the tank and stand from petkare II. Im looking to get $350 for both and will help load them. I would even consider delivering them within reason for $400. Im not in a hurry to sell so there is no need to make offers unless your ready to buy. If i cant sell it through the club i will probably put it on consignment at DPA towards the end of the year. I will entertain offers of course, but no outright trades unless you have a MP40 laying around ;D Im also contemplating selling my skimmer if anyone is interested. Here is a link to the skimmer and stand. The skimmer is external and requires a feed pump that i also have.


do u ave the canopy? how tall is the stand? im looking for te stand only, but will buy the whole setup as i want to drill a closed loop in my acrylic tank. i could use it as a holder for the time being. ya it sucks rushing to get a tank setup and then realize there so much more u want to do. i would have waited, but i moved into a new apt, and had to get the tank setup asap. i was neglectin the tank at the parents house. but this would work great.

I did have the canopy but im 99% sure i tossed it after storing it forever. Ill check when i get a chance but im sure its gone. The stand is standard height, right around 31-32" if i recall. The details should be in the link i posted.

price on the skimmer?

Im not 100% im selling the skimmer yet but the minimum i would want is $400 with pump, $300 without pump. I just replaced the pump about 3-4 months ago because of noise issues. Here is a link for the pump