FS: CPR CS50 Overflow, Excalibur Protien Skimmer, 802 Powerheads, Wet/Dry Sump

First, I am in the market for Koralia Powerheads so i am open to trades.

Selling an Excalibur Protein Skimmer with Pump $85.00
In picture next to my Coralife skimmer.
The standpipe is missing from the image.

CPR CS50 Overflow box with pump $69.00

Aquaclear 802 Powerheads $10 each.

Added some other items.

Ok. I have pictures and revised prices.
Excalibur Protien Skimmer - $79.00
CPR CS50 HOB Overflow - $65.00
2x Aquaclear 70 Powerheads - $20.00
ProClear Aquatics Wet/Dry sump w/bio balls $95.00