FS/FT: Cespitularia aka âÃÆâ€â

For Sale/For Trade: Two frags of what I have call “African blue” species of Cespitularia. One is on a frag tile and the other has two slightly smaller stalks on a small piece of live rock. $35 or trade for either, first response gets choice.

Willing to consider trades. I’m currently on the look out for healthy colonies or frags of green Cespitularia, Darth Maul Zoanthids, Acans, red sun coral, red fungia, neon green fungia, green Protopalythoa Grandis, elegance, pink pagoda cup, Tyree green Sarcophyton, purple candy cane, tongue coral, torch coral, or chalice.

I may be posting a couple of other corals if I have time.

One sold.

Second tentatively sold. If sale goes through that is all for now.

Two more ready. On small frag rocks. $30 each.

Do you have any pics of it… contemplating starting a xenia garden

These are old horrible pics: http://www.gordonious.com/corals/Xeniidae.html (BTW I was right questioning the genus of that other coral it is in fact another color variant of Cespitularia.)

If you do a google search for African Blue Cespitularia images you should be able to find more images.

ill be looking for one next month lmk if u have any then, thanks brett

Here are some pics of mine that I got from Jon.

Sweet image. Mind if I use that in the future?(with credit given of course) Nice growth for that amount of time to.

I see the Leptastrea as well. I should frag the other ones I have of those, but I’m still a little scared to. Perhaps it will be the first thing that goes into my next frag tank.