FS/FT Green Frilly Mushrooms

I have always just refered to these guys as “Ken’s Frilly Mushrooms”. They can grow HUGE, that is if you don’t cut them up over and over again like I do.

The pictures of this one are rough. I didn’t like the angle it was at so I moved it and it closed up, but it’s better then nothing I suppose. Perhaps I’ll get more later.

And just to prove it does open up larger here is an really rough image of it opened from a distance.


No takers? Perhaps I need to get some better pictures.

how much and can it be brought to the meeting? i’m ready.

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Yes, I can bring it to the meeting and would actually prefer to. Want me to bring it for you?

absolutely. many thanks.

NP, thank you. See you at the meeting.

Hey just wondering if you have any more of these guys? Would really like to get one if so.


I am pretty sure I have more, but not sure I have enough that I can part with any. Let me double check.

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first off :Welcome). really nice shrooms. i know icy has some but i dont know if he has frags. ill pm him

Cool thx! Let me kno.