FS: IO BUCKETS for water changes/transporting animals/RO water

Everyone of us at some point could probably have used another bucket. Well I have TONS of them. I suppose that’s one of the pit falls of not being able to throw away anything and relying on water changes for filtration. I have stacks of buckets.

Helpfull for:
Moving tanks
Doing water changes
Transporting RO water
Storing RO water
Much much more! lol

These Instant Ocean buckets are a lot better for transporting water then the other salt buckets or the ones you can buy at the hardware store because of the locking lid and the rubber gasket built in. If you close these things right they will not leak water no matter how fast you drive.

$4 each :SPIT) That is cheaper then the ones with crappy lids from the hardware store. Only have two I am willing to part with now unless someone really needs one.