FS - New - Reef Octopus Water Blaster HY 3000W Pump

This is a high efficiency pump, basically the pump version of the Bubble Blaster used on skimmers.


Pick up in Mt. Laruel.


These new Water Blaster pumps are based off the same design as the Bubble Blaster skimmer pumps but intended for water circulation. These pumps feature a digital control circuit board inside that controls directional start up and RPM speeds. This smart circuit board will shut the pump off if it detects a problem. Something never seen before on internal or external pumps is the Silicone Nitride shafts and bearings that are used. The benefit of this material is that it will not allow calcium to adhere to it like ceramic. This means less maintenance and cleaning and more time for you to enjoy your aquarium instead of working on it!

More efficiency, means less power, so it costs less to operate. Also, less power means less heat transferred into the water column.