FS: Reeffanatic wavemaker with 3 MJ1200 Mods and magnets

I think i might be selling my wavemaker system thats on my 75g. I bought everything new probably 9-12 months ago. The only reason im considering selling is because im no longer going to keep SPS in my 75g and i feel its overkill right now. The controller can be programmed for different sequences and frequencies and also has a photosensor for night mode and a food timer. Here is a link for the wavemaker


and im sure everyone is familiar with the MJmods. Altogether it was about $280 new.

I think $150 is fair but will take offers. I would also consider selling just the controller and keeping the mods for my 265g.

powerheads gone. will take best offers on wavemaker.

i really do not know. why is this a good item? is it b/c it saves us time or does it just keep things precise? is the timing and on off of powerheads important? i’ve just barely seen these things on a few tanks. in other words, how could i justify it to my wife. hypothetically?!

A wavemaker will create random flow through out your tank. Makes keeping SPS a LOT easier. Personally, all my reef tanks have wavemakers. Getting the right flow was always the hardest part of the hobby for me until i bought a wavemaker. Now its plug and play. The only reason im getting rid of it is because im upgrading to a Vortech MP40 for my 75g. After using the MP20 in my 34g i would’t do it any other way.

thanks mucho

moliken take your power heads and turn them off. Put them at opposite ends of the tank from where they typically are then turn them all on at once. It’s likely you’ll get a dust storm from all the dead spots kicking up. At least that is what happened with mine. Give it a shot.

If you use a ton of power heads to hit all the dead spots then you are using “a ton” of electricity.

The fish are more active with random flow as they have to be to keep a float. The corals are healthier as more food is brought to them and less waste is left settled on them. Less dead spots occur leaving you with a healthier tank. Less electricity is used… Could probably come up with more reasons why wave makers are great, but right now I have to go set another one up on one of my tanks. :wink:

BTW, I would be buying this one if I hadn’t just ticked off the gf buy spending half my bank account at Dr. Mac’s.

maybe i’ll give the p’head change a shot. i’d like to get my rbta’s away from where they are anyway. every time i change the flow, they move like nascar at dover downs. right now, i have 2 nano koralias and 2 K two’s
and i noticed the “dr mac amazing shrinking pockets magic act” also.