FS: Scopas Tang

I have to get rid of my 4"-ish scopas tang, it is just far too aggressive for my community reef. I have had it for about 6 months, and it is very well acclimated, it just spends all its time making the rest of my fish miserable. Maybe someone else can have better luck with it than I have, otherwise he will go back to Charlie at the end of the week. I would like to get $25 for it, and will need a day or two to catch it out of my tank. Thanks.

picture? may be interested in this too replace my tangs that died.

I will try to get one posted up later today when I get home.

I’ll be second in line after Glen. Would like to see pics as well.

Surprised you are getting aggression out of it. Do you feed it several times a day? Is the aggression just when you add new animals. They need to be fed very often and will always show aggression when you add a new animal.

Hmmm… Put me down for third, I may be interested as well.

i have read that they are somwhat tempermental

Ok, picture is up. To answer everyone’s questions, I have nori available in the tank at all possible times, I put a sheet in the clip in the morning and another when I get home from work. It also feeds eagerly on mysis when I feed the rest of the fish. It is aggressive to all tankmates with the exception of my cleaner and pistol shrimps, but is especially aggressive to other grazers like my algae blenny. I just lost my powder brown tang to what I believe to be stress from being bullied. The Scopas will actually charge me more often than not when I walk up to the tank. Charlie at DPA was surprised when I told him about its behavior, but I think I just have a particularly obnoxious fish. I just want anyone interested to know what they are potentially getting into. As i said before, I hope whoever ends up with it has better luck than I did.

ok with the last post i am pulling out. i want to get all peaceful choices. jon you are up

Joe it’s yours. I mentioned getting a new fish the other day and the gf about killed me. $ and time is tight, have to take care of what I have already.

And… Wifey’s car wouldn’t start this morning, so I’m out too.

Sorry man, free :BUMP)

I have one of those in the 75 . its with a larger bristle tooth tang and damsel, a couple clown gobies and a a spotted gobie. no problem. they all get along. Im going to add my pair of saddle back clowns soon.