FS Tunze 6100 powerhead with controller and photo sensor Koralias 3 and 4

I think im going to switch to the controllable koralias and want to sell the tunze to help defray the cost. The tunze is a far better pump than the koralia, but i simply cant afford a $1000 to upgrade my system.

Anyways, im sure everyone is very familiar with these pumps. They are top of the line. If you have a smaller tank this would probably be the only powerhead you would need. Comes with controller so that the pump can pulse. Also has food timer and photo sensor to slow the pump at night. I also have the magnets so it can be placed anywhere in the tank.

I paid well over $400 about a year and a half ago. Everything is in perfect shape. Asking for $300 but will entertain offers.


Hi Shawn,

This is a 6080 right? The only reason I ask is because I thought 6080’s are not controllable…

Shoot, I would be interest as I know I will need something like this in a couple of months, but I don’t have that kind of $ at this point. These pumps are THE MOST energy efficient pumps out there. Save you in electricity in the long run. Usually difficult for most hobbyists to stomach the price it cost to start, but in a year or so time it pays for itself in electrical costs. And hell if you can get a slightly used one this cheap it is worth it. If you didn’t just buy a new couch and have no green left. :BB)

Btw, Shawn, we can get in the controllable koralias if you would like.(and if you check our prices on them they beat anyone local and most of the online stores as well) We just don’t have them laying around the store as I couldn’t convince Charlie there was anyone local that was that into that stuff. Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll figure out how much it would run.


RBU - Your absolutely right. I simply checked on the magnet which i guess is universal for this series powerhead. I also thought i had paid more but wasnt sure.

Anyways, its a 6100, much better than a 6080, and it includes the single controller and photo sensor. Here is a link:


Ill be selling it for $300 but will be open to offers. This is all you would need in 75g tank or smaller. The only reason im selling it is because i wont more pumps on a controller and i simply cant afford tunze.

Ok. the controller and powerhead together right now is $420ish, the magnet, $40ish, and the sensor $15. Brand new it would cost $475 so i think $300 is fair but i will entertain offers. if your interested please let me know soon because im going to put in the BST forum on RC after a week or so.


thanks for the heads up. if charlie can even get close to marine depots price ill have him order it for me.

Shawn,I would love to put this on the 75 and get rid of that ugle Seio I have in there. Just don’t know if I can convince the wife to let me spend $300.00. I am working OT today so maybe I will have a better shot. ;D

Before you put it on RC let me know. Thanks BILL

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i have been wanting this one . i never seen the thread. do you still have it? can we hook it up so i can see its power? let me know as i was going to order the controller for my korallias. will that be sufficient for a 90? my tank is gonna be pretty open so i wont need as much flow as i need now.

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