FS: WYSIWYG Nuclear Green and Purple Death Palys

I have a couple more [glow=purple,2,300]purple[/glow] w/o pics,
PM if intersted.

[glow=purple,2,300]Purple Deaths[/glow]
I’m asking $38 for 4-5 poplys on a plug or trade or best offer. I’ve seen prices only from $10 a polyp up to $20 a polyp not including shipping and handling which could be significant. If you are not sure what these look like just google Purple Death Palys or Palythoa.(they would currently be placed into the Protopalythoa genus, but may soon be reclassified.) WYSIWYG images below.

First to post gets there choice. Let me know if you want the plug on the left or the right.

[glow=green,2,300]Nuclear Greens[/glow]
$38 for 4 poplys on a plug or trade. Again google for move images, but WYSIWYG image below.

me wants!! trade for the yp’s plus $$ or somehow we’ll come to a way to do it!! sold!!

Suppose you mean the Nuc greens right?

absolutely! greens for sure
the pd’s from you have gotten tlc and are bigger!!

I’ll take the purple deaths on the bottom left please!

Got ya Ellen, will shoot you a PM in a moment.

All frags pictured have been sold. PM me if interested in purple deaths as I have 1-2 more which I can PM pics of.

Ellen your going to want to mount this on something else soon. If you place it on egg create it will soon grow onto it. Sorry, but it’s growing too fast and just won’t slow down. The description is also pretty off now as well as it has more polyps. Hope it’s not a big problem. Let me know. :wink:

Tomorrow night I’ll be removing the second plug of purple deaths from sale as it has grown as well. Likely going to chop it up and place it on a large rock to grow out before it grows all over my egg create. Last chance to pick this up before it goes under the blade. $38 more then 5 polyps.

Jon, I will take the purple deaths. I will be at the meeting

Souns good. See you tonight.