Fully Loaded 125 Gallon Tank for sale

Hello All,

I am new to this site but I wanted to try to find a home for my 125 gallon setup. It has 2 canister filters (Magnum 350 filters) and undergravel plates, 2- 36"twin bulb hoods and wood stand. Its the dark wood. I think it was called walnut. It also has powerheads and 2 heaters. It needs some TLC but I know one of you will give it a good home. It is currently set up and has water and fish, I will be trading in the fish at my buddys store but I will be looking to sell all for 350.00. I have countless things in the stand I have collected over the years. It all goes. It has always been just a fresh water tank. It is not drilled for salt. It will need to be picked up and I will help you load it. I live in Middletown DE. The best way to reach me is my cell.

302 377 0735

Fresh or salt?whats in it for live stock?

Its fresh right now… a couple of serverums some cats and a clown loach and a couple of nice Geo’s

Nothing that fancy. Would you want them too?

Thanks Dan

It’s not salt so no,but thanks anyway