Funny story / props to Ice Cap & UPS

So last Tuesday I mailed off an Icecap 660 ballast to be repaired. Wasn’t a big deal as I own like four of them now and at least three I purchased used, were pretty old, and have been through a lot. I love the 660s. I sent it UPS and was PISSED when they delivered what seemed to be the same box to my door a couple days later! >::: They sent it to me not to IceCap!

So I went to the UPS store and explained to them that a mistake had been made. The kind man took his time explaining to me that the package I sent was received in NJ and the next day a new package was sent, the one in my hand, from NJ to me. verdict_in Me = >LOCO< I’m sure there will be water cooler discussion about me later are UPS. :SPIT) I really need to get caught up on my sleep.

IceCap was ultra fast with the repairs and getting it back to me, UPS was polite and fast with their service as well.

Thats so ironic Jon because a very similar thing just happened to me. I had one of my Vortech’s stop working and mailed it out on Thursday of last week. Got an email from them yesterday saying it shorted out because it got wet which isnt usually covered by warranty but they were going to fix it anyways for me. I figured i would be looking at at least a week or two to get the pump back. It was at my door this morning. Amazing customer service!!

Both Vortech and IceCap are still relatively smaller companies with great costumer service. I’ve seen good response from Votech as well while I was working for that maintenance company. I pray they never get bought out and swallowed up by larger companies like so many others have in this, and many other, industries. Digital Aquatics is another great small company and I am sure there are others I’m not thinking of at the moment.

I did not mention as well that I figured my 660 was out of warranty and expected a call from them on the price of repair before the product was returned. They haven’t contacted me yet and I have the product working in my basement. It was either covered in warranty or they just hooked me up as well.

In my opinion you pay a little bit more to buy something from these companies, but the product you get is top of the line and they back their products very well. I personally would much rather give my money to these companies then a large publicly traded faceless cooperation.