garden hose hookup

So, we have our RODI in the utility room and have it hooked up with a garden Hose Y-Connector, same spot as the clothes washer. anyway all was well until we had a new washer dryer instilled a week ago. ever since the install I cant get the y connector to seal, iv replaced the rubber o rings, but that’s not the problem, reason I say that is because I can take the leaking hose off of the y and put it directly on the hose bib and no leak. If anyone has any better ideas or solutions I’m all ears.

You could use that gooey thread sealant.

tried to use 2 rubber washers made the leak worse, soo talked to Jason yesterday and he recommended putting an access panel in and adding a tee and a valve inside wall, hooking up the RODI that way, guess I kno what I’m doing this weekend

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You could use that gooey thread sealant.[/quote] thanks for the reply I just better go the safe rout don’t need water all over the place, it was sketchy to begin with hehe

Pfft. Who does things the right way? :slight_smile:

teflon tape?