Getting out of salt water so everything is for sale

hey guys havent been on for a while and havent had time for my tank either so i decided to just get out my tank is still running currently but all the fish and coral are gone so i guess ill just list everything out prices are negotiable and if you buy multiple/all i will discount

100+lbs live rock 2$/lb 150 for all
50+lbs dry rock 1$/lb
100+lbs live sand(plus critters) 75$
90gal all glass center overflow tank with stand sump and pump 250$
8 bulb 48" t5 light 200$
2x120watt white/blue dimmable led fixtures 200$ for the pair
rodi with 10gal tank 100$
bakpak 2 skimmer 80$
extra sump 25$

if i come across anything else ill post it

also have some chems and foodetc that ill probably just give to whoevers buys stuff and wants it

obviously if you want the tank but not the rock/sand youll have to wait till its gone to take it

if you take everything ill probably go 750 thats like 350 off for my convenence

if you want pictures of anything message me or text me 3023821955

Everything is still available make offers

Still have dry rock?

Yup still have everything available

Do yo still have the tank available?

May be interested in some dry rock if it is not all spoken for. Let me know!

Might be interested in the storage tank. Got a pic?

Hey my RODI unit just crapped the bed, do you still have available?