Getting out: selling livestock first

Hi friends,

I’ve decided to shut down my tank. I listed my secondary tank a couple of weeks ago and just reduced the price on that full set up to $300.

I’m starting the sell off of my 120 reef with the livestock. I’m listing them below, message me for pictures.


Large Toadstool (around 10 inches tall and 8-10 inches in diameter): $100
Green hammers 7 headed piece: $50
Blue and green hammer: I have 1 piece with 2 heads for $20 and two other separate heads for $10 each
Large red monticap colony on a large piece of live rock: $40
Sonic Galaxea decent sized colony: $40
Kelly Green Psammacora: $25
Duncans (nice two toned) 7 heads: $50
Frogspawn (green and blue 2 heads): $25
Huge colony of zoanthids–over 50 heads on a large rock $50
Various discs with 15+ heads of green, fire and ice, or blueberry fields zoas: $20/each
Good sized piece of Branching Monti (green) : $20
10 Heads of LA Lakers Zoas on a small rock: $50
Cabbage Leather Coral good sized piece (3-4 inches in diameter): $30

Other livestock:

Large Haddoni Carpet Anemone 24 inches in diameter at full extension: $200
2 Oscellaris Clowns (they are paired with the Haddoni): $40 (one is chocolate, the other is a regular oscellaris so far as I can tell)
2 Cleaner Shrimp: $40 for the pair
2 Emerald Crabs: $10
Royal Gramma $25
2 large RBTAs: $20 each

If you are interested in the full tank set up: 120g tank, custom stand, custom sump, calcium reactor with peristaltic pump, 2 mp40s, ecotech m2 return pump, apex classic with 2 pm1s, atk, and some other probes, reefbreeders v2+ 48" led light, deltec ix3000 skimmer, and some very nice plumbing, I’m asking $1250 for the whole setup.

I’m also willing to negotiate on package deals on any of the livestock. I’d like these lovely creatures to go to a good home.

I am sad to hear about you getting out as well. If Mike passes on the shrimp I would be interested in them.

Mortny02, you may have the shrimp. No problem here.

Thanks Mike and Matt. I’ll hold on to those for you.

I’m fine, thanks for asking. I just lost interest and am focused on other areas. I hope you are well too.

Best, Ed

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I appreciate that but feel bad taking the shrimp from you since you inquired first.

Best wishes Ed. Peasetake the shrimp .I already have some. Its all yours

Mike thank you so much!