Goby Question

I bought 3 fire fish about a week ago and they were a little shy at first, but then seemed liked they were starting to come out and hang out. I wanted to get a pink spotted goby, but the other day we ended up purchasing a shrimp goby with a pistol shrimp. I asked if I would still be able to purchase the pink spotted goby and was told that you shouldn’t have more than one goby, that they won’t get along. Well, now I have this 4 foot long tank and all 3 of the fire fish, the goby, and the shrimp all live under a rock in the same little burrow together. I bend sideways and look under there and there’s a different fish at the front every time like they’re all taking turns with the shrimp!. I wanna see fish in the tank! Also, do you think its safe to try putting in the pink spotted goby? I’m afraid he’ll either bully all the other fish, or disappear under the rock with the rest of them! verdict_in

in my 65 i have 2 pistol/goby pairs, a yellow clown goby, 2 greeen clown gobies, 3 false percs, a tribal blenny. various other types of shrimp too. no probs. had a midas blenny in there too. died

multiple gobies are fine. however multiple firefish unless added together wont get along and adding a different type of firefish can end badly

My experience with gobys is similar to yours; they aren’t too social (for the viewer) and they like to perch more than they like to swim around. Adding another goby may be futile if you want to simply enjoy your fish. I’d look into another type of fish that prefers to swim around and strut it’s stuff.

My coral beauty is very social and pleasant to view, as well as my butterfly. Make sure you research how adding fish will affect your other tank mates, and if they’re compatible with what you plan on doing in the future with your tank.

I have a yellow watchman goby and lawnmower blenny(some call them a goby some call it a blenny). I have no problems with the 2, my ywg just hides with his head poking out of a rock in the back and the lawnmower is all over the tank.