Golden ticket

I am looking for suggestions for Golden Ticket prizes. I want to make sure I am getting what the members want! So if you could comment with suggestions on what you would like to see as a Golden Ticket prize I would appreciate it! Thanks!!

You mean good old bucket of Reef Crystal not good enough for everyone? lol. What day is the meeting anyway? I hope its the 22, so that i can make the meeting.

Good ole bucket of Reef Crystals is always good!!! We have done a couple of buckets of salt already!!! Dont mind doing it again though Who couldnt use a bucket of salt!!

Are you talking about the 22 of July or August? There isnt a meeting scheduled for July. Was thinking of doing one in August!

The one in Aug. If its 22 i’ll be home for it. RC could be one of the prize. I’ll take a look and see what else I would like to win, lol.

A refractometer would be nice.

Price point? Mp40? Gyre? Some sort of led light fixture?

BRS or phosban reactor would be good.