Good bye pellets hello chaeto!

So My daughter and I turned my reef octopus bio-pellet reactor into a chaeto reactor. Cut a piece of 8 inch pvc pipe to height. Drilled a hole for the reactor outlet to pass through the pipe shell. Split the pipe lengthwise and used mirror vinyl as a reflector inside the pipe. Mounted a set of 4 amazon led grow light bars opposite each other for a total of 36 watts of blue and red light. Its together and running just need to make some type of hinge for the shell and some type of latch to hold it closed. Thinking of just using velcro straps wrapped around the pipe shell to hold the shell on the reactor. Any ideas or suggections?

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Great project!

Hope it works out well

Agree, like the lights. I need to do some thing like that.

Will, I think this could be a project for one of our meetings. What do you think?

I mean the 8" pvc pipe was expensive to buy new. Probably because of the size. My reactor has a 5 inch diameter cylinder and I wanted the lights to have space so they were not touching the reactor. Alot of diy reactors crack because the heat from the lights and people mount them directly onto the acrylic cylinder. I found my pvc used on marketplace so i saved a ton. We had to use a table saw to cut the pipe both ways. I bet we could use smaller reactors like two little fishes phosban reactors and 6 inch pvc.

Besides my reactor which i bought for 10 bucks second hand, i spent 29 dollars. I still need to figure a way to hold the shell together around the reactor. Thinking possible velcro straps or that 3m relock plastic hook and loop tape.

This thing is a beast! After 2 weeks i opened it up and the block of chaeto that came out was bright green and i could lift it out as one piece it was so dense. Loving this thing! And it was so easy to empty just disconnect the screw on input line unscrew the thumb screws and lift the top off.


If anybody needs some chaeto let me know asap or im gonna toss it.

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