good fish trap?

okay so im looking for a good fishtrap i could possibly burrow or that could be made i have a pseudochromis that loves 2 eat shrimp… hes already had himself a nice expensive fireshrimp meal and i really need to take him out becasehe is just to aggressive i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on a trap that works rather well. if i do not catch the psuedochromis with the trap hopefully it will catch on of the other2 aggressive fish basically im thinking about taking 3 fish out of my tank… 1 psuedochromis 1 black percula clown and 1 blue damsel all three of them see to be getting a bit to aggressive and the psuedochromis by far is the most aggressive so does anyone have any suggestions?

I had a bicolor pseudochromis and although I never saw him eat the shrimp but I started missing shrimp as soon as he was placed in the tank. 2 fire shrimp, 6 cleaner, and 1 pistol shrimp

I’m going to bet you WON’T catch the damsel or clown w/ a trap…they are little buggers. The pseudo on the other hand you should be able to. On another note our clown (and damsels) became much more aggressive when the pseudo was around as he pretty much stressed the whole ‘atmosphere’ of the tank. He wasn’t so chill and Psss’d everyone off.

We caught our pseudo w/ the inverted bottle trap. Take a water bottle and cut the top off right as it goes from straight to a bend (towards the neck). Take this piece turn it around and put it into the bottle. Put some of the fish’s favorite food into the bottle. For our pseudo we used some silversides and one of our new lettuce sea slugs. The pseudo actually was too cautious to go into the trap but would stare into the opening trying to figure it out. Finally Eden smacked the tank glass and it scared the crap out of the fish and made him jump INTO the trap. I’ve attached some crude, phallic looking instructions.


ive tried that already… once with a gatorade bottle (bigger opening) and with a water bottle… i put in their brine shrimp… and a piece of table shrimp i even left them in over night and noone went into the trap the psuedo was looking at if and nipping at the outside but he refused 2 go in everytime he has been chasing other fish away from it but he still wont go into it i saw at the meeting someone had a trap that he said worked but someone else was burrowing that i was wondering if anyone knew where i could buy one or if anyone had any other suggestions he is impossible 2 net ( i told my parents that and they still tried knocking over all my corals in the process ) i reallly need him out because i need 2 get pepperment shrimp cuz i got a little aptasia coming and they did the job last time but its hard 2 catch him hes a smart little guy!

I tried a fish trap also and had the same problem they would not go near it. They can defiantly see the plastic clear or not

Try to place the opening of the bottle near the wall of the tank then scare him in. Worked for us! You could also put the peppermint in the bottle.

its kinda hard 2 do seeing as tho it hides under the rocks as soon as we come over by the tank

Since it is agressive you may be able to use the mirror trick.

Essentially tape a mirror up to the tank. He will eventually start fighting with his reflection - fish CAN BE stupid sometimes - he’ll get so preoccupied with kicking the crap outta his reflection he won’t notice you coming with the net.

[quote=“xwhatmeworryx, post:7, topic:1401”]
its kinda hard 2 do seeing as tho it hides under the rocks as soon as we come over by the tank[/quote]

Ours did that so we had to give him a few days of NOT trying to net him so he wouldn’t freak when we showed up.

This is kind of along the lines of what Ian is saying, But take the fish trap apart so the fish can go in and out, leave it like that for a couple days in the tank, only add food to the inside of trap That way he gets used to it being there. Then put it together and add food to it maybe you will have luck that way. I don’t know just a suggestion. Hope that makes sense Lee

that sounds like a smart idea i think i might try the mirror first though sorry couldnt get back sell so late was a little busy after work BoNg

ive been trying the mirror alll morning and he goes over by it but i cant scoop him fast enough with the net because he doesnt get into it with fighting i like teh damsel does!

[quote=“xwhatmeworryx, post:12, topic:1401”]
ive been trying the mirror alll morning and he goes over by it but i cant scoop him fast enough with the net because he doesnt get into it with fighting i like teh damsel does![/quote]

Can you lean the net inside the tank just under the mirror and leave it there? That way he maybe will get used to it being there and you won’t have to scoop it into tank before getting to him.

tried that he wont go over to the mirror if the net is there he is like deathly afraid of the net

Lol He knows he is a bad fish.

lol yeah hes like one of those kids that sneak behind ur back and do everything than when ur there hes an angel in front of u he really wont chase other fish unless im standing like 6 feet back from the tank lol

Yea we had a pink psuedo Still do but he is in the bad fish tank now. But he would bite the top of the nassarius snails little snorkel thing and bully everyone. We put a plastic bottle with a lettuce nudibranch we just bought cause we knew he would try to eat him and he was staring at it for a while he would come over and check it out so he got close to where the hole was and I poked my finger on the glass and it scared him in there. He is a little bastard. But we got him out and put into the bad fish tank.

yeah see right now it seems like the 90 gallon is my bad fish tank lol i have the red honey damsel in my 25 because that little guy was just to little to compete as soon as i dropped him in they took a chunk out of his back fin so i was able to scoop him out and put him into my 25 lol he is now in there with 2 pepperment shrimp that i want to put in my 90 but simply cant due to the psuedochromis and 2 snails to try to keep some of the algea down (need to invent in more snails)

Do you know where the pseudo sleeps at night? If you do, and it is somewhere that you can get to, try turning the lights on partway through the night cycle. For the first minute or two, fish will just sit there and look stupid (much like me at 4 am) and are MUCH easier to net out since their sight is poor and their body is slowed down for sleep.

well i finally caught him i burrow a trap from andy and after about 2 and a half hours of not leaving the tank i finally got him i pulled out the psuedo and my black clown because they were the 2 most aggressive fish in my tank and i got a royal gramma instead. the trap is one that once there in you have to turn the door to keep them in so everytime i got close to it he would dart out… than i decied to put a mirror by the back of the trap and while he was busy fighing himself i snuck in and closed it!