Google PowerMeter Home Electricity Use

Can you imagine knowing real time what your fish tank is costing you?

Google PowerMeter, now in prototype, will receive information from utility smart meters and energy management devices and provide anyone who signs up access to her home electricity consumption right on her iGoogle homepage. The graph below shows how someone could use this information to figure out how much energy is used by different household activites

Get better information about how you use energy and what you can do to be more efficient.
Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint by making smart decisions about your energy use.
Strike up a little friendly competition to see how your energy consumption compares to your friends and neighbors

The great and powerful Google.

Al, you working for Google or something now? Most of your posts are google based!

No, I subscribe to Rss feed and I get the quick blurbs. I have to say they have some cool apps coming. It is surprising they have as much innovation given they are paired up with AOL. Usually that spells stagnation when they get too big. IE Microsoft

Microsoft just posted they are making an app to counter the apple store. Um Apple did that 3 years ago. They are so large little ideas get lost

Yea, I’m continually surprised in the strength google still holds in all the fields they are jumping into, most company’s pay attention to one and loose the rest.

AOL? I can’t believe they are still a company…

Apple’s still small fry compared to MS and the bigger they get the more problems they’ll have (just like MS)