Gorgeous Acropora colonies!

Wow… that 2nd colony is just stunning.

I was thinking the 5th and the last myself.

Now, if we only had room for a colony anywhere in the tank…

You need to get rid of more of those anemones to make some room.

Got rid of the Condy but I still have the LTA… the clowns love it to much. Actually the green hairy shrooms are taking up most of the prime real estate… at least as much as the LTA. But then again the frogspawn is almost that big too.

Hi everyone, I just moved to Salisbury,MD a few months ago and was wondering if there are any members in the immediate area. I moved down from Lond Island,N.Y. and currently have a 180 gal setup with mostly SPS corals in it.

Im in Dover, DE. Not all that close, but closer than some.

:Welcome) John. I have a 95g sps dominated tank that has been running for about 3 months now. Still a very young tank, but it is coming along nicely. Maybe we can trade some frags at a future meeting.


:Welcome) must have been ruf getting coral down there alive. your probably not far from dr. mac then are u.

Thanks for the welcomes
Ellen, I would be interested in trading,always looking for something I don’t have now.

bz350…It wasn’t too difficult moving everything down. I left all the contents of my 180 gal in a 55gal back in N.Y.,except for some live rock. Then I had to shore up the crawl space down here,and setup the big tank.I waited about 10 days and went back to N.Y.to bring everything down.My LFS had given me plenty of Styrofoam containers w/lids, so I placed everything in plastic bagsand made the 5 hour drive. The trip was very succesful, all corals and inverts and fish were fine.I was very happy.
And yes,I am very close to Dr Mac’s facility.I visit him at least once a week.

[quote=“houndsbayman, post:11, topic:620”]
And yes,I am very close to Dr Mac’s facility.I visit him at least once a week.[/quote]

:Welcome) & Lucky!

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[quote=“houndsbayman, post:11, topic:620”]
And yes,I am very close to Dr Mac’s facility.I visit him at least once a week.[/quote]

+1! Very jealous.


:Welcome) & Lucky![/quote]

:Welcome) to drc! I’m jim so if there’s aver anything I could do for you just let me know. My parents live just north of you. So I could meet up with you for trades and stuff from other northern members. I will be going to my parents tommorrow so if anyone needs something to go let me know. I have 100 lbs. for sale that would fit just perfectly in that 180 >LOL<

:Welcome) aboard John. We are glad to have you. I am in Dover DE as well but I don’t have any SPS at the moment. Maybe one day I can get some from you.


Actually, I have set up a small frag tank with some pieces that broke off during the move down. I am just letting them grow out a little on the frag plugs.If someone can tell me how to post a pic, I will post a pic of my tank.
thanks again

If you check the “How To” page on the forums, there is an explanation of how to post pictures that goes through what you need to do.

thanks icy1155

WOW, very nice. Is that a Moorish Idol that I see in there? We have to get some closer pics … I am already drooling looking at all of the different corals in there.

Future TOTM?

Thanks icy…that is a banner fish, he has gotten to be a nice size.I will take some closer pics and post them