Great Fish Specials at While supplies last

Some great saltwater fish specials - while supplies last!!

Flame Angel - Limited quantities at this price - Only $28.99[/SIZE][/FONT]

Tom of Florida raved “WOW is all i can say! I shopped local for a Flame Angel but was not impressed with either the size, color, condition or price so i decided to buy from Reefs2Go based on my past experience with small trial purchases of things like crabs, starfish and the like. I received my Flame Angel in a timely fashion, the size was as advertised and his condition and coloration are excellent. Thanks R2G you guys now have another happy and soon to be returning customer!”

Corrie of NY stated "I received my mandarin today and I was very impressed! He is beautiful. I go to a very nice saltwater store in my area and they have a mandarin for about 70 bucks way more than Reefs2go and does not look as nice with the coloration. I am very happy with my order! Will definitely be ordering again! "[/SIZE][/FONT][/INDENT]

Peppermint Shrimp - Buy one for $2.99 - Get 1 FREE!!
Red Ruby Mithrax Crabs - Only $3.99 each!!