Green Clown Gobies finally!

We finally got some! these guys have been on our fish list since starting the tank. In 8 months this is the first time i saw them in the lfs ( thanks jared, i think you ordered them in). They came in last week, but Jared and Charlie wouldn’t sell them til they were eating. DPA is a class act!
I was reading about the importance of making sure these little guys get fattened up, and are eating good. After about two hours in the tank with only two light strips on, we turned them all on then fed the tank with cyclpoeze, all three came out and started picking! i’m gonna see if they like mysis later. The sixline wrasse keeps harrassing them…but not too bad, a poke here and there. they’re like 3/4’’…little specs in the 125, but michelle managed to get a pic of each one…in the third pic its a k3 to give a reference on how tiny they are

Lookin great John

Nice addition.

thanks guys!
more info

sweet looking little gobie!

Little clown gobies are awesome and those green ones are even better! Just don’t loose those suckers they can hide anywhere!

Abouts how much are they?

I love the little hiding critters that just occasionally pop out… we got the last 3…they were going for $10 each

Nice addition to your tank John. I have had one for months now and just think they are great. It likes to hang out in my SPS, just sitting and waiting for some food. I took some pics awhile back, see if I still have them.
Found them

Very nice pics John…they’re very photogenic, can’t wait for mine to settle in and start posing for me!

Nice pic John!

John good job reading up and being prepaired to properly take care of them. I know many of these fish have been lost when people were just feeding large pellets and not really paying attention to the fact they needed small food frequently. If you manage to keep all three there is a good chance they’ll breed on you eventually if you keep everything healthy enough.

One bit of warning, I wouldn’t add Dendros any time soon with out carefully considering it. I’m not sure, but I think it may be possible for Duncans or Fungia to tell take them as food as well, but I could be wrong. Good change they’ll feed on little fish like this give the chance and odds are the fish won’t know it’s coming until it is too late.