?Grow Out Contest?

Back in 2019, I hosted a Zoanthid Growout Contest, who would like to see something like this again??

I am open to suggestions on how to run the contest and what the rules should be.

The last one was started with two polyps of blueberry fields zoas. At the time not that many people had them around here and I had plenty. I produced about 15 two inch discs with two polyps each and distributed them to folks who attended the designated meeting, one or two people who couldn’t attend made arrangements to pick up the frags.

There was a $5.00 deposit for each starter frag to go in a pot as the prize money for the winner)

Each month progression photos would be posted and at the end of 6 months or whatever time period decided the person with the most polyps would win

Should we do this again???

Someone mentioned this at the last meeting and I thought I would post up to guage interest.

…what say you?

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I think this would be a great Idea for the next meeting after the frags2fishes meeting. You must attend meeting to enter. Open to all. But you have to register ahead of time to attend meeting. That way we know how many frags to make

Im down! i would do it again. it was a good time we should do holy grail torches this time lol but really rules were good last time longer the better but im down

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I say Yay! Lets do it!

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Shoot I’m game.

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Sounds like this might get some traction

I think the most likely suspect/subject will be some red skirt zoas that I have with purple faces.

They started out as blue and red “Fire and Ice” wild zoas that were purchased from Frags2Fishes in the spring, but have morphed quite nicely to have purple faces with a red mouth and skirt. Very handsome and healthy colony. They have grown quickly and are not a common variety that I know of

I’ll keep an eye on them and see how easily I can portion them out in a few weeks. Meanwhile I will continue to guage interest and pull up the old “game rules”

As I said before I am open to ideas or modifications to the format if anyone has any suggestions

Here are the original guidelines, this is not an official contest yet, once it is developed and approved by the officers I will post a new thread with official rules/guidelines

In the meantime give me any suggestions you have.

The last contest was close between two contestants and the reigning Champion was/still is until a new winner is crowned:


Zoanthid Growout Contest

January 31, 2019, 09:00:35 PM

So… do you think you are good at growing zoanthids? Do you just like growing them because they look great in your tank?

I would like to propose a new contest:

Who can grow the biggest colony of zoas in a seven month period, starting with just two polyps?

I will supply the materials to start:

  • 2 " round ceramic tiles (marked with a number)
  • Two heads each of Blueberry Fields zoas from my collection
  • Seven month duration from start of contest (frags given out at the next meeting)
  • Check ins by post (on this thread)with a picture and comment on every two weeks
  • $5.00 entry fee (proceeds given to the winner)
  • Final submission form to be brought to the meeting with specimen (you get to keep the zoas, of course) the submission form will be for educational purpose and comparison of conditions, asking about your grow out process:
  • temperature
  • salinity
  • phosphates
  • Nitrates
  • flow, high__ Moderate__ Low__
  • Feeding heavy__ Moderate__ none__
  • special techniques or secrets?____________


  • Entry fee money?
  • Bragging rights!
  • Title of 2019 Zoa King or Queen
  • 50 Gift certificate from our sponsor

We will be limited to 20 contestants, so the first twenty people to register will be in the contest. Register by replying “I Am In” to this thread that will indicate your desire to play.

I am down for this as well!

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Are we doing this?

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Yes I think we should do it

I will cut up the zoas around the end of the month and have them ready for the next meeting.

I will refine the rules and post a separate contest post to keep track of the contestants and progress

Let’s do it!!

These are the zoas to be used in the contest:

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Thanks Donavan. This should be fun. I Am in

I agree! I am looking forward to this!!

Here is a picture from today. They have had a rough go. First they were in my quarantine tank. After I added them to my display they were getting too much light. I moved them to a spot with too low light. I wanted to put them by my established large zoa colonies but there is no room. Now I think they are in a spot they might like. Fingers crossed!