hand feeding

Just wondering how many out there hand feed their fish at times. every now and then i like to hold a piece of mysis inbetween two fingers and hold it a couple of inches down in my tank and watch the fish come up and feed. i got a blue tang that can really bite if i don’t watch it. he comes up and attacks, like a great white shark, just roll the eyes back and comp…

i hand feed my brain coral, bubble coral and star fish by hand every three or four days. use a medium shrmp and cut it in half for bubble. i always fed my eel by hand till he went air diving with out his parachute… lOl

I had a foxface who ate outta my hand every day…fresh spinach is it’s fav. Chomped away on that spinach. Ted’s got him now… since we are breaking down the 75 gal. He had to go…Hope he is doing well!

clowns and fire shrimp eat people shrimp from my hands, brain coral too.