Every 3-4 weeks I am in Los Angeles at all the importers hand-picking corals, I always find some interesting corals, inverts, and other critters.

I get started early and stop at all the importers. I have been dealing with these folks for years and due to the long term relationships I am allowed in when the shipments are unpacked and I get the first pick of the top 1% of all corals imported into the US.

With care I gather all types of unique corals.

My days “catch” at one supplier, everything from Mushrooms to Acros

Just a few of the hunderds of corals I hand-picked during my recent trip to LA last week, we will be posting these corals all week:

Blastomussa wellsi

Bright Red Cynarina

Unique Tonga Multicolored Scolymia–I got several of these, each different colors

Unusual Bowl-Shaped Elephant Skin Pachyseris

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