Has anyone sugar dosed?

Has anyone sugar dosed before? I have done it and I added too much sugar. Needless to say my tank was a rolling mess for a few days but it survived. Anyone with tips on how much I should dose? I have about 120 gallons of water. My nitrates are around 30ppm and need to get them back to 20-25. It really works well… a little too well… Let me know

I only dosed with vodka. I goggled it and got the amount to start with per gallons and how much to increase each week. Did it for about 3 months and it worked well.

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I dosed vodka as well and it helped but my biopellet reactor works so much better.

Never dosed sugar however I used vodka for carbon dosing to reduce nitrates for a long time and it worked well but seams to me that growing macro algae removes nitrates and phosphates more efficiently and give my copepods a great place to reproduce.

Good luck, there are tons of ways to carbon dose you just have to find the sweet spot, pun intended


Now that was funny

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