Hello Everyone from Lewes

My name is Andy and I’m new to the forum.recently started my 80 gallon reef (April). I purchased the tank and some supplies second hand with some cured rock. I was able to save some ricordia mushrooms and they are doing great.
Along with the rock there were many, many Astrina Starfish. They were multiplying in the tank fairly rapid. I purchased a Harlequin Shrimp thinking is would take him a couple months to go through soo many. Well, I havent seen one star in about five days and he’s only been in the tank for about two and half weeks.
I live in Lewes and was hoping someone might have some Astrinas they want to get rid of. I don’t want the shrimp to starve.
Anyway hope to get to know everyone. Thanks.


Welcome Andy. Glade to have you part of thee Delaware Reef Club. We are having a meeting on the 24th in Frankfort if you can make it. Maybe there are club members will willing to supply you with some. Plus it good way to join and meet fellow reefers.

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Thanks for the welcome. Wish I could make it but I’ll be out of state. I will try to make the next one.

I have a bunch…would you be interested in rehoming the shrimp?

I really would like to hold on to him, however if I cant find starfish to feed him I will consider it.

I believe @Jon_from_TerraReef sells them on his website.

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If you buy some from the site I can ship any time starting early next week. I am planning on moving my aquaculture business and family to the Lewes area sometime next year. We should be making trip down that way pretty regularly later this summer. I need to meet some more reefers in that area

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Thanks so much. Are you anywhere near driving distance? Is it possible to pick up? Also, look forward to you relocating to Lewes. It will be nice to have a local Aquaculture source of coral.

I live in lincoln. About 25 mins from lewes.

So do you have any Astrina Stars I can pick up?

No, sorry. But it will be nice to have another reefer near by.

@Jon_from_TerraReef can he pick up locally?

I agree. I know where Lincoln is. I just moved from Houston. Lived there many years.

We are currently located in Wilmington and cannot do local pickup. I don’t think we will be offering local pickup in Lewes either, but can probably do a very affordable local delivery then.

Totally understand. I will place an order. How soon will they ship? I’m just a little nervous how long the Harlequin will last.

Orders placed today can ship on Monday for arrival Tuesday. There is a delivery date selector on the cart page once you have enough items in your cart to reach the minimum order. I sorry, but that is the soonest I can do this particular week.

Ok. Placing my order now. Thanks.

Order placed. Thanks.

I am late to the post.
Welcome aboard Andy!!

Good luck with the shrimp, they are beautiful creatures.

I had one for about a year or so and passed him on to a fellow Reefer here on the forum once he had cleaned up the tank. They are fascinating to watch

Yes they are. I really want to try to keep him if I can.