Help! I need advise. I think I killed my new tank

Help! A temporary battery operated led light has fallen into the sump. I took the light out and shook it in a bucket and black water came out. I know I need to do a biggggg water change but does this warrant replacing rock scape too?
Luckily this is a new build and I have not added fish yet. Please send advice.

If it were me i would set the rock aside in a tub then do a 100%water change.

Put it all back together and run carbon in it for a few weeks

Good luck with it should be fine

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Yes I agree with Donavon. If you need a reactor to run you carbon in I can lend you one. Good luck

100% water change done. Tank refilled and starting the cycle once again. Thanks for the assistance.

Keep us updated. Hope it all works out. Show us a picture of your setup.

Tank is up and cycled. Fish are in!

Thanks for the help!



Very nice recovery