Help load a tank

Im picking up a 180 on wednesday in lakehurst! is there any one that would be able to help me load it in the trailer? Please and thank you

Any takers

I would love to but I’m coming off back surgery. Hope all works out well. Come on club let’s help him out!!!

I’m working until about 6:00PM
Not sure what your timeframe is or how far away.

206 pine st
Lakehurst nj 08733

Im trying to get there around 7

That would be almost impossible for me as my timing could vary and the drive would be an hour or more.

I have a decent hand truck you could use to make things a bit easier if you want to use it.
It has cinch straps and is about 4’ tall

I could leave it next to the porch for you to grab

I got one and a carpited 4 wheel cart i appericate it ill send pictures when its up

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